Paul G. Pin, M.D.
3600 Gaston
Bamett Tower, Suite 410
Dallas, Texas 75246

Phone: 214-827-2530


“Dr. Pin is the nicest man I have ever met. His genuine concern about his patients makes each one feel special. He treated me the same way before and after my surgery.”

“I got the results I expected.”

“What I like best about this practice is the way I am treated by each person I came in contact with. Each time I have come in, I am treated like a whole person, not simply a patient.”

“Everyone is so warm and friendly. Dr. Pin treats his patients with honesty and genuine concern. I actually enjoy my visits to your office.”

“It was easy. One appointment answered all my questions – and set up the surgery. There was no hassle.”

“… and I appreciate the fact that even after the surgery – Dr. Pin is truly concerned about my appearance. He could have just done one or two visits and gotten the next patient in, but he has taken the time even seven months after surgery to see if I’m okay.”