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Dr. Pin’s most successful breast augmentation outcomes have been on women who play a role in deciding which type of implants and surgical techniques will best help them achieve their cosmetic goals. Women have a range of options to choose from when they make the decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Pin will listen to your aesthetic concerns, and educate you about the implant and surgical solutions that will help you achieve the appearance you desire. With your help, Dr. Pin can personalize your breast augmentation treatment plan that will improve your appearance and self-confidence.

Implant Type

Incisional Approaches

Dr. Pin offers the following incisional approaches when performing breast augmentation surgery.

Implant Placement

Silicone or saline breast implants can be placed above or beneath the chest muscle. Dr. Pin generally prefers to place implants beneath the pectoral muscle because it is less likely to cause the formation of scar tissue and rippling, and it produces a more natural looking result.

Dallas Breast Implant Options

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