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If you are considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery, you probably have a size range that you would like to achieve. Most women that have breast implants placed would like to become a certain bra size. Unfortunately, breast implants do not come in bra sizes. The same size implant will produce a different shape and projection depending on the woman in which it is implanted. If you are interested in undergoing breast implant surgery, meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. Contact the Dallas office of Paul Pin, MD, today to set up your appointment with our practice.

Selecting the Right Implant Size

Choosing the best possible breast implant size is one of the most difficult decisions prospective breast augmentation patients make. There is no full-proof way to identify the appropriately sized implant for each woman. This decision is usually based on the patient’s measurements and sizing preferences. Dr. Pin encourages our patients to look through before and after photos of previous breast augmentation patients so you can pick out implant cases that you like. Dr. Pin can provide a personalized breast implant size recommendation after he has evaluated your figure and has a better understanding of your cosmetic goals.

Small Breast Implants

Many of our patients opt for smaller breast implants that create additional contour, but provide a more natural looking appearance.

Large Breast Implants

Women who choose to have larger breast implants placed do face a higher risk of complications; that is why it is so important to undergo surgery with a board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing the breast augmentation procedure.

Dallas Breast Implant Surgery

Dr. Paul Pin has the educational background, training, experience, and skill to safely perform your plastic surgery procedure and produce outstanding results. Contact our practice today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Pin.