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Magazine ads, commercials, movies, TV shows, and tabloids feature images of willowy models and actresses who can fill out bras, bikinis, and other tops without the aid of a push-up bra. This can make any woman feel self-conscious about her own appearance. One of the most common insecurities women experience relates to the size and shape of their own breasts. Fortunately, just about anyone can achieve a fuller, more feminine figure that looks and feels natural.

Dallas plastic surgeon Paul Pin, MD, has performed hundreds of breast augmentation procedures at our practice. If you are interested in undergoing treatment with Dr. Pin, contact our cosmetic surgery practice to schedule a personalized consultation. During your consult, Dr. Pin will evaluate your figure and discuss your cosmetic goals with you to determine if saline or silicone implants will better suit you, what implant size is appropriate, which incisional technique is best, and if implants should be placed under (submuscular) or over (subglandular) the chest muscle.

Benefits of Over the Muscle Placement

Subglandular, or over the muscle, breast implant placement is a breast augmentation technique that has been in use for decades. Some patients and surgeons prefer this approach because it:

Benefits of Under the Muscle Placement

Submuscular, or under the muscle, breast implant placement is a new breast augmentation technique that has gained favor because it:

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