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Augmentation with Lift

There are many cosmetic flaws that affect the breasts. Breast implants can correct breast asymmetry and misshapen breasts, in addition to filling out the breasts. Breast implants can also lift mildly drooping breasts. However, if a woman’s breasts have significant sagging, breast lift surgery can be performed in combination with the augmentation procedure to reposition the nipple and increase fullness. These treatments are designed to restore youthfulness and shape to your figure so you can feel more confident about your body. If you feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your breasts, contact the Dallas practice of plastic surgeon Paul Pin. Dr. Pin can educate you about your surgical options and advise you of the most appropriate procedures for your body type and aesthetic goals.

Reasons to Undergo Breast Lift Surgery

While more obvious breast augmentation procedures were common in the 1990s, today, most women want the most proportionate, natural looking result possible. The majority of the patients that come to our office for breast augmentation and lift surgery are working professionals and moms who want a more feminine, beautiful body that appears effortless. Dr. Pin strives to create results that look as real as possible so no one can tell you underwent surgery. You may be a good candidate for cosmetic breast surgery if:

The Breast Lift Procedure

The breast lift procedure involves the creation of an incision through which Dr. Pin can lift, tighten, and reshape the breasts. While the breast lift procedure is effective in repositioning the nipple, it does result in some scarring. If breast laxity is not too significant and the nipple only needs to be moved up about an inch, Dr. Pin can create an incision around the nipple. This incisional approach is ideal during breast lift surgery because scarring is barely visible once the incision has healed. If the patient has developed severe sagging of the breasts, a vertical incision from the nipple down the center of the breast is required to lift the breast and reposition the nipple.

Women who wish to increase fullness of the breasts can have implants placed during or after the lifting surgery. Patients who only have moderate breast ptosis can generally undergo the breast augmentation and lift at one time. In patients with more serious cases of breast laxity, Dr. Pin prefers to perform the lift procedure prior to the augmentation procedure to allow the breasts time to settle and ensure that the nipple is located in the appropriate position.

Dallas Breast Lift Surgeon

If you are interested in undergoing cosmetic breast surgery procedures such as breast augmentation breast lift, contact our Dallas practice today.